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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Top 7 Log Home Myths and Mistakes

As you’ve researched plans for a new log home, you’ve likely encountered quite a bit of negativity alongside all the stunning pictures of woodsy dream abodes.  While you don’t want to give up your log cabin ambitions, those negative  comments from friends, loved ones and the almighty internet probably have you concerned. The myths and mistakes surrounding log homes are passed on by a wide variety of people but mostly by those who aren’t experienced with the homes themselves. So, what are the myths about log homes? Which ones are true and which can you stop worrying about? Let’s address the most common beliefs about log homes and what they actually mean to you. [emaillocker]Download the Log Home Myths and Mistakes Guide[/emaillocker]

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Log Cabins For Sale

Simply put, log home owners are different. They value quality, craftsmanship, privacy, nature, and the unique comfort that walking into a log home offers day after day. When Amy and I first started our research for the Log Cabin Bureau we came to the realization early on that there is an information overload when first approaching the idea of building a log home. This is very discouraging to many potential buyers. We also realized that building a log home isn't always the dream or the goal - it's living in a log home. We're unique - so why don't we have a unique source for buying a log home? Well, now we do. Please join us in welcoming LogCabinsForSale.com to our family of resources. [big_button type="blue" url="https://www.logcabinsforsale.com/"]Visit LogCabinsForSale.com![/big_button]

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