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MYTH: There is only one kind of acceptable wood/log type

FACT: Nope, this one just isn’t true. There are several dozen types of wood that can be used and each has properties that will make it a good fit for the area it will be used in and the builder’s specifications. You may choose your wood based on appearance, decay resistance, how well it insulates, and how much it costs dependin

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MYTH: Insurance companies won’t insure a log home

FACT: The primary reasons there might be difficulty is that the house is either poorly designed (a problem that a conventional home could also have and not be insured for) or it is located in a high-risk area. A high-risk area would include a rural setting where there are far more trees and fire hazards than there are firefighters

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MYTH: Log homes are more expensive to build than conventional homes

FACT: Depending on where you look, you may see some people toting log homes as a cheaper alternative while others say, without a doubt, they are significantly more expensive.

Before jumping on either assumption, first consider that a log home is likely going to be custom built so you have to compare its price to a traditional ho

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MYTH: You will spend all your time maintaining your log home

FACT: Oddly enough, this myth and the myth that log homes are maintenance free are both pervasive. Neither is really true though since log homes require right around the same amount of maintenance as a traditional home. The idea of them being maintenance free started when log homes gained popularity in the 1970’s, and one of thei

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MYTH: Your log home will be dark and your energy costs will skyrocket

FACT: This is sort of the double whammy of myths. Not only do log homes have a reputation for being dark inside but also for taking up more energy. You’re in the dark and paying more for it, who wants that?

There actually was some truth to this myth once upon a time when windows in log homes were smaller and poorly insulated.

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MYTH: Log Homes are a veritable buffet for termites

FACT: Yes, termites eat wood and yes, logs are wood so this might seem like an obvious problem for log home owners but that’s far from the whole story. In reality, you have about the same chance of having termites in a log home as you do in a traditional home. The insects will only be especially attracted to log homes built from

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MYTH: Log homes are more prone to fire damage

FACT: The truth is that traditional stick homes often sustain more damage than log homes because the logs will char on the outside, adding an additional layer of protection. Not only can this char be sanded away to reveal structurally viable wood, it helps to limit total damage to the structure.

Log walls also don’t have inter

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Top 7 Log Home Myths and Mistakes

As you’ve researched plans for a new log home, you’ve likely encountered quite a bit of negativity alongside all the stunning pictures of woodsy dream abodes.  While you don’t want to give up your log cabin ambitions, those negative  comments from friends, loved ones and the almighty internet probably have you concerned.

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What are the Advantages of Developed Land?

Advantages of Developed Land

Building a log home in a developed neighborhood isn’t common but there are advantages to doing so. If you’re purely int

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How do you get utilities to new undeveloped land?

If you’ve found the perfect plot of land for your new home, don’t sign the dotted line just yet.  Undeveloped land can often times have hidden costs associated with getting utilities hooked up that may be outside of your budget.  If you’ve never lived out in the country or had to purchase undeve

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