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MYTH: Your log home will be dark and your energy costs will skyrocket

FACT: This is sort of the double whammy of myths. Not only do log homes have a reputation for being dark inside but also for taking up more energy. You’re in the dark and paying more for it, who wants that?

There actually was some truth to this myth once upon a time when windows in log homes were smaller and poorly insulated. However, with window improvement and access to better designed lighting, log homes can be just as energy efficient and bright as their conventional counterparts. Wood is also known for absorbing light and this hasn’t changed, but the improved lighting and light interior walls (if you choose to have them) eliminate this issue.

Even more to the point, energy efficiency in terms of heating and other factors are straight up false in a well-designed log home. Solid wood walls can even save you up to 15% in your energy costs which has been proven by scientific studies conducted by such reputable sources as The National Bureau of Standards. A poorly designed log home that allows for drafts will cost more, just as a conventional home with the same flaws would.


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