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MYTH: Log homes are more expensive to build than conventional homes

FACT: Depending on where you look, you may see some people toting log homes as a cheaper alternative while others say, without a doubt, they are significantly more expensive.

Before jumping on either assumption, first consider that a log home is likely going to be custom built so you have to compare its price to a traditional home that is also custom built. With any kind of customization, you will typically see increased costs but also increased options for things like more windows, larger bathrooms, higher-quality materials, etc. When you factor in the value of getting exactly what you want, the additional cost won’t seem as bad.

Another way to look at it is in raw numbers and you will see that a comparable, conventional home will be up to 10% less than a log home. However, a log home can save you money on energy costs and is known to have a significantly higher resale value. Log walls also go up faster which will provide you with significant savings in labor costs.


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