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MYTH: Log homes are more prone to fire damage

FACT: The truth is that traditional stick homes often sustain more damage than log homes because the logs will char on the outside, adding an additional layer of protection. Not only can this char be sanded away to reveal structurally viable wood, it helps to limit total damage to the structure.

Log walls also don’t have internal cavities for fire to run rampant the way it would in a conventional home and the large, solid pieces of wood offer built in insulation and a slower burn rate even if they do catch fire.

Still not convinced? Consider the fact that when you build a fire, you start with small pieces of wood, not big logs. If you have any experience with fire building you know how ridiculous it would be to try it that way because the larger logs simply will not start to burn as easily. Apply this same logic to a log home and you’ll see why fire hazards should go down your list of worries, not up.

Of course, the other elements of the home including the roof, interior walls and sub floor are all still prone to burning, but this is true of any home. The benefit of a log home is that you are more likely to have walls left to rebuild from.


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