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MYTH: You will spend all your time maintaining your log home

FACT: Oddly enough, this myth and the myth that log homes are maintenance free are both pervasive. Neither is really true though since log homes require right around the same amount of maintenance as a traditional home. The idea of them being maintenance free started when log homes gained popularity in the 1970’s, and one of their selling features was that they required little upkeep. However, this was largely due to ignorance about required maintenance and a lack of products on the market to help preserve wood.

This truth about maintenance also applies to the idea that log homes rot more easily. Rotting is only an increased risk when you don’t maintain the wood and/or if the house is poorly designed. Poor design elements include inadequate roof overhangs and rain gutters which will allow too much moisture to stay on the logs.

To prevent rotting and other damage look for preservation products that are specifically designed for the timber industry to get the best quality supplies for your home. Along with stains and sealants applied roughly every two years, you will also want to give your home a good washing once a year to maintain the finish.


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