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What are the Advantages of Developed Land?

Advantages of Developed Land

Building a log home in a developed neighborhood isn’t common but there are advantages to doing so. If you’re purely into the aesthetics of a log home and don’t care about a wilderness setting, a developed piece of land may be best. Here, you will not have to worry about if utilities will be available, road access, or installing a septic system.

The one concern would be that some neighborhoods don’t allow log homes since they don’t fit in aesthetically with other homes. Some owners get around this by designing a “beveled colonial” log cabin which has a closer look to traditional homes but is still rustic enough for most log home lovers. Just make sure to inquire about restrictions in the neighborhood before purchasing a lot.

What are your Legal Considerations and Easements?

A real estate agent may provide help with material issues and with information on easements, but ultimately their job is to sell you a property. They are working for the current owners and are going to do all they can to put the property’s best foot forward. This is why you need a real estate attorney on your team. An attorney can tell you things about the property that you might not be able to find yourself or might have a hard time interpreting, such as the title to the property. In some rural areas, figuring out exactly where your property line is can be difficult since it may have been drawn up long ago using land markers that no longer exist.

An attorney will also be able to draw up contracts, advise you on environmental concerns and other matters that are far better to find out about sooner rather than later. You may shell out several hundred dollars for only a few hours of work from the lawyer, but this will be money well spent.

Easements: As mentioned earlier, easements may be an issue for your property. An easement allows a person who doesn’t own property to use it in some way. For example, you might be allowed to ride a horse on your neighbor’s land due to an easement, share electricity costs or use a private road that is located on your neighbor’s property.


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